Sunday, October 16, 2011

on the occasion of

'on the occasion of''

on the occasion of trying to understand what my 6 year old son is saying
realizing that he is expressing himself,
what can I do to better understand him;
wondering what is he thinking--
knowing he is feeling frustrated, sad, maybe uncertain
About what though?
questioning this world of the 'understood' people
curious about the life of the 'fully able-bodied' :
possibly desiring to live a functional life, ...
wait!, no one truly functions in full capacity at all times.

So, let's try one of the universal languages: 
a handshake?
a smile?
or perhaps soothing music?


Then, we'll get back to figuring out what you are saying
how can I better understand you. :-)

References & Resources

"DisAbilityVOICE - Disability Rights Advocate"  presents 'a global perspective of the disability world'

Sharing various aspects of disability:
lifestyle, social networking, community, perspectives, interests, rights, population, issues, groups, legislation, advocacy, resources, supports, services

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."


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"Enjoying The Hi-5s  of Autism"
{audio and holidays blog}

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