Friday, October 21, 2011

"October 22 should be very interesting."

"October 22 should be very interesting."

Christy Young Cormier
the Parent of a school-age child
La TEACH State Coordinator

September 29 at 8:42am


Coalition for Louisiana Public Education
The Coalitiion has been endorsed so far by LA Retired Teachers Asso., LA Asso. of School Superintendents, LA Asso. of Special Ed. Administrators, LA Asso. of Child Welfare & Attendance Administrators, LA Asso. of Educators and over 30 school boards around the state. Thank you, everyone!
 ·  ·  · August 7 at 8:15pm

References & Resources

CoaliCoalition for Louisiana Public Education

'Saving Public Education in Louisiana'

On the steps of the Department of Education, the Claiborne Building in Baton Rouge  April 25
Spokespersons from Research on Reforms clarify the issues April 27
"The Coalition has been officially endorsed by 37 organizations, including current and retired teachers, superintendents, special ed. administrators, school personnel administrators, child welfare and attendance personnel, and school boards all over the state. Thank you everyone for your endorsements and your efforts everywhere on behalf of public education in Louisiana." October 16

Saving public education in Louisiana
The Coalition for Louisiana Public Education ("The Coalition") is a newly-formed group of school board members, legislators, superintendents, principals, current and retired teachers, school technology officers, school attendance officers, and activists, with the goal of ensuring that all students in Louisiana have access to high-quality public education without selective enrollment.

La TEACH - Louisiana Together Educating ALL CHildren

Favorite QuotationsOne person can make a difference. Every person should try. JFK

About La TEACHLaTEACH is a statewide grassroots advocacy organization created for the purpose of effecting systems change. 

Our Mission is: "LaTEACH promotes appropriate, inlcusive education for all students. We work to make parents, educators, the general public and state leadership informed and supportive of research based and effective practices used appropriately for each student."

(Louisiana Together Educating ALL Children)

We are working to recruit families and other interested persons statewide to receive pertinent information on laws, proposed legislation, administrative policies and other issues that impact students in Louisiana. We are working to coordinate member advocacy statewide through list serves, phone trees and volunteer teams organized throughout the state by our area coordinators. We are working to educate teachers, administrators, higher education professionals and policymakers on issues that impact our students.

La TEACH Issues
Below is information on the three LaTEACH advocacy agenda items as well as other bills of interest to parents of students with disabilities:

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