Friday, July 22, 2011

A Champion Legislator for Students with Disabilities!


'A Champion Legislator for Students with Disabilities!'

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Senator Jack Donahue

Thanks for Act 328!

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Senator Jack Donahue
The Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council, LaTEACH, and thousands of parents across Louisiana are very appreciative of Senator Jack Donahue’s efforts in championing Senate Bill 59 (Act 328 of 2011). Governor Jindal signed Act 328 to regulate the use of restraint and seclusion for students w...
Tuesday at 8:45pm ·  ·  ·

    • Senator Jack Donahue Thank you, everyone. I'm very proud of this bill, and I'm grateful for your support in getting it to the governor's desk.
      Wednesday at 10:13am · 
    • Kbj Cosse' Hi5!
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Derek Edens
Thank you Senator Donahue!
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Resources & References

Senate Bill 59 signed into law by Governor Jindal as Act 328 of Louisiana.

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