Thursday, July 28, 2011

$ PuzzleBuilder with Celebrities Mitchell Musso and Miley Cyrus!

Hi5! '$ PuzzleBuilder with Celebrities Mitchell Musso and Miley Cyrus!' It's been about a year since we made our Autism'>">Autism Speaks  digital photos gallery with Puzzlebuilder! Great way to raise Autism Awareness and an awesome FUNdraiser, too!
Here's a vid link for Autism Speaks Celebrity PuzzleBuilder for Actor/Musician  Mitchell Musso featuring Miley Cyrus! By the way, Autism Speaks intermingles families'>">families and supporters touched by Autism Puzzle Galleries with Celebrity'>">Celebrity PuzzleBuilder!   Many international celebs signed up to support Autism Awareness and Research, including Jeff Gordan, Toni Braxton, Alex Ovechkin, Sergio Garcia, Emmanuella Chriqui, Payton Manning, Emily Blunt, Vera Wang, the cast of WICKED!, Al Roker, Maria Sharapova, Drake, David Beckham, C.C. Chapman, Holly Robinson Peete, Steve Carell, Joe Mantegna, Allysa Milano, Brian Williams, Jimmy Conrad, Elton John, Seth Godin, Leslie David Baker, John McEnroe, Quinton Aaron, Natalie Gulbis, Rozie O, Jamie McMurray, Nelly Furtado, Kristine Bell, Ezra Susser, Jodie Picoult, Michael Boley, Chris Gorman, Brian J. White, Chuck Scarborough, Dar Williams,Eric Courchesne, Anna Ivanovic, Andy Brody and Steve, Gretchen and Brian of Fox & name a few! OMG! Star Struck! Ok, now go make your puzzle">puzzle> and/or select Celebrity'>">Celebrity Puzzle and donate'>">donate some $, mucho dinero, l'argent, wonger, C-Note, moolah, euros, Benjamins, dayang!

  Kbj'>">Kbj Cosse'  "Understanding fosters Appreciation - Appreciation garners Support - Support leads to Unity. " God Bless! ENJOY! References & Resources OUR MISSION AT AUTISM SPEAKSTM At Autism Speaks, our goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. Kbj'>">Kbj Cosse' Autism Speaks PuzzleBuilder digital Photo Gallery
Christina Mendez
Mitchell Musso
Autism Speaks U (college students)
Bob & Suzanne Wright, Autism Speakers Co-Founders
at Autism Speaks Walk Now in Nantucket
AS2YP - Autism Speaks to Young Professionals
raise awareness at the New York Stock Exchange

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