Thursday, July 28, 2011

DynaVox---helping Military & Special Needs Families Communicate


'DynaVox-- helping Military & Special Needs Families Communicate'

Kbj Cosse' An associates says her son who has Autism enjoys using his DynaVox Speech and Communication Device at school. [Facebook 29/7/2011]

EnjoyHi5Autism (YouTube Channel) favorited a video - Justin Hindley is a husband, father and military veteran. He is also living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease. He chose to secure a DynaVox Vmax while he is still able to talk so that he can record his voice as a lasting legacy for his three young daughters. Check out his inspirational story.

Sharing DynaVox Mayer-Johnson products on EnjoyHi5Autism social networking sites on Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. [Vimeo 29/7/2011]
51. Mayer-Johnson - Autism - 5 Point Scale
4 months ago

BoardMaker software Family - Mayer-Johnson is affiliated with the DynaVox communication system. 
Curriculum Companions are adapted activities designed to enhance your curriculum, helping students strengthen their reading and writing skills with exciting and engaging science and social studies activities. Each Curriculum Companion includes activities focused on instruction, practice and assessment for each theme, while building reading and writing skills with prompting support at adjustable levels to suit each students individual needs and goals. Healthy Choices introduces the food pyramid highlighting healthy choices from each food group. The importance of physical activity and exercise will be emphasized. - share activities, groups in Boardmaker Share Community

Hi5! Sharing Mayer-Johnson DynaVoxVideos on EnjoyHi5Autism social networking sites! [YouTube 29/7/2011]
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 The Smart Toss™ Math Sports Game
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Introduce early measurement skills with Feet by the Foot, a set of fun, foam feet. This early measurement set has each foot printed with inches and ...

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