Tuesday, July 26, 2011

da Vinci Awards® - Accessibility & Universal Design


The da Vinci Awards® for Accessibility and Universal Design

Since their inception, the yearly (10) International da Vinci Awards® has become a prestigious international symbol of recognition. The awards honor individuals, organizations, and corporations in the engineering, construction, and technical fields for innovative developments and research in adaptive and assistive technologies. Along with innovative assistive and adaptive technologies, the principle of Universal Design is a key in the development of products that can benefit all people, regardless of ability.

AWARD CATEGORIES The 2011 da Vinci Awards will be accepting nominees in five categories:
1.Communication/Educational Aids
2.Environmental Adaptation/Daily Living or Work Aids
4.Transportation and Mobility
5.Recreation and Leisure

JUDGING Submissions are evaluated by a highly qualified, impartial panel of judges representing the technology and disability communities. Nominations accepted until July 31, 2011 at http://www.davinciawards.com

The best student submission across all categories will be recognized with the Student of da Vinci Award.  Student submissions will also be considered for the top prize in their respective category, the prestigious da Vinci Award. http://www.davinciawards.com/pdf/Student_of_the_daVinci_Award.pdf
Proceeds from the da Vinci Awards® benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. For tickets, to Donate and/or to Support The da Vinci Awards®, visit http://www.davinciawards.com/support/overview/

"People's Choice Awards" will also be given to those Finalists receiving the highest number of video views (or votes) on YouTube. View The da Vinci Awards® YouTube Channel sharing highlights of past festivies and finalists!
"Science Hall of Fame" Winner (2007) The da Vinci Awards® YouTube Channel sharing highlights of past festivies and finalists!    
2011 The da Vinci Awards®

the Ergonomical BackTpack 2010 Entry
The da Vinci Awards®

GreatGrips Environmental Adaptation Winner (2010)-
The da Vinci Awards®

 Originally aired 1/4/2004
The da Vinci Awards®

NeuroStep implantable assistive system for walking (hemipleglia impairments) -
The da Vinci Awards®

VMI Virtual Music Instrument -
The da Vinci Awards®

Freedom Kayaks demo - Recreation and Leisure
The da Vinci Awards®

Spirit of da Vinci -
The da Vinci Awards®

2005 AAC voice output -
The da Vinci Awards®

VI Fit Recreation & Leisure Category -
The da Vinci Awards®

Diana Tremblay 2010 Leadership Chair - General Motors
The da Vinci Awards®

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