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Loosing Control! - Summer... on the Autism Spectrum'

"Loosing Control!" - 'Summer... on the Autism Spectrum' Before you proceed,
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Here goes...!?

Dealt with loosing/relinquishing/giving up CONTROL this summer.  Our 6 year old son participated in his first Extended School Year Program
Ok breathe... at a different school... What?... on a new bus number/driver/assistant/AND different Bus mates!...I'm feeling faint...'
And now for the biggie!.(added for emphasis)
NEW School is in another Parish/county = a New Teacher  + a new assistant + different classmates + New schedules + 30 minutes of bus riding (both ways, includinding pickups/dropoffs WHILE constantly driving around noisy railroads!)...
MEANS, I think I lost consciousness when I read the summer School assignment notice!

We had about a week to regain our composure, reflect on why we initially screen that ESYP would positively transition him through summer in preparation for a full, intense fall academic season.  Besides, we enjoyed a good final progress report.

STRATEGY:  Remember final Teacher Conference mtgs.:  take pic/video of new school, talk about it with son.  Did it! But, he's still saying no, softly but emphatically.

Time for Parent Training and Information Center (PTIC) Strategies:  Request an Acclimation Visit... I am reminded of a PTIC workshop

Yes! That sealed the deal!  Josh totally Enjoyed the ride, school edifice, cozy hallways, classroom layout, interactive stations, familiar centers, ...
And was not ready to leave after 30 minutes!  The VP/Resource Personnel definitely

Ok... Breathing is returning to normal...
So how was the 8 week?..
[gotta keep remembering we were out for the 4th of July Happy Birthday week...]
AWESOME!  Josh enjoyed the bus ride and managed to take a nap riding home almost everyday!  Turns out, the 'new' bus driver understood sensory processing disorder and prepared for days when the bus would be near the railroad tracks when the trains were passing.  Also, his 'new' school educators were trained for Sensory Processing Integration and encouraged our son to self-regulate during the loud, expected train whistles blow and heavy cargo vibrations whisking over the tracks.  Yes, we had to adjust after a week off, but, he got right back into the flow of things with the help of  his friendly experienced bus assistant and patient driver.  They are definitely trained to work with Students with special needs.  THANKS bus 336!

Progress! Josh's Occupational Therapist shared that he was definitely thriving, socializing and Enjoying summer school.  I was glad when his summer school Teacher shared on a car ride home day.
That's Right!

Wonderful!  Joshie enjoyed unpacking his class papers and sharing his day!
Great!  For the first time, Joshie celebrated his birthday at school!

A huge Hi5! is our family for the Extended School Year Program!  We hope Josh will be assigned ESYP next year.  School begins in 2 weeks.  We pray that returning requires less Re-Acclimmation time and maintain Transition patters because our son participated in and Enjoyed ESYP.

Life Lesson:  loosing control is sometime ok.  In order to reach for new heights and achieve new levels, sometimes, you have to try a new method, take a different route, go to a different building, follow different instructions, engage with new peers... and GROW!
Loosing Control! in the summer was a challenge while on the Autism Spectrum.  But, we survived!

We pray that all kids will have enjoyed their summer and will be ready for school. 

Now to decide, a STAYcation or a vacation for the remaining 2 weeks of summer!

Hi5! We shared excepts of  "Loosing Control" - 'Summer...on the Autism Spectrum' in
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Tracie blogged about">Releasing Control ~
Posted on July 21, 2011 by TracieCarlos

 'Tracie, you go me in your first sentence! "I never realized I felt the need to control anything in my life until I became a parent."

Because of our 'uniquely different' summer, Tracie might interpret, or maybe translate this as 'Loosing Control!'


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