Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer... on the Autism Spectrum


'Summer... on the Autism Spectrum'

Returning from 2 days of developmental disabilities meetings...

'Ba, is summer school over with because the bus driver said, "Enjoy the rest of your summer!" as she waved goodbye to Joshie yesterday?  asks Hubbie

What?!  Wait a minute... I thought we had one more week?  Oh no, that's right, they were out the entire week of the July 4th holiday!

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  1. 'Summer... on the Autism Spectrum' (continues)

    Hi5! Our now 6 year old son participated and completed in his first Extended School Year Program!

    Now, we only have 2 weeks to continue preparing for a smooth transition into the Fall semester.

    What?! Yep! Now,he is primarily reading books about school! HintHint! Guess he really enjoyed summer school. OR Else... he's plum bored with us!



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