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OSEP Leadership Mega Conference


'OSEP Leadership Mega Conference'

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I appreciate the assistance Nolan Simon and Jeff Coles,Susan Maclean, Catherine Fowler, Christina M. Kasprzak, Kerry Jo Johnson and Mironda Shepard provided me with last year's Registration and iLinc Webcast Attendance. I am the Attendee who submitted the first webcast Question. I heard it read and saw our state Parent Training & Information Project Director smile as she recognized my name. Later, she texted me that she shared with Assistant Secretary Posny that she was proud to have Parents and stakeholders at the conference and an accessible webcast and teleconference options. I let her know that we appreciated being able to hear, see and contribute. This approach made us feel connected, especially because the webcast showed our names and photos from across our state and country. Also, I connected with a former Member who's mother had worked for our Families Helping Families! We had never met but the webcast provided an ample introduction as we enjoyed the conference.
I was so inspired by the 2010 conference and am grateful that NPTAC via LaPTIC (Cindy Arceneuax., Project Director) had shared OSEP LMIC info. on their Facebook page. As a result of participating in these webcasts, I became more invested in our Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council(LADDC). Mr. Simon, as you may recall from my Aug. 2, 2010 correspondence, when I initially participated in OSEP's 2010 MLC, I had just graduated from the Partners in Policymaking 6 months training and started serving on the Board of Northshore Families Helping Families--both are initiaives of LADDC. Thus, an appointment by LA Governor Bobby Jindal and confirmation by the State Senate to serve as a Parent Advocate for the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council is an overall achievement from inspired by my collaborative networking with OSEP LMC, LaPTICactivities and trainings and LADDC initiatives . This appointmenta and confirmation was timely in that it afforded me the opportunity to collaborate and advocate during the LADDC State Five Year Plan with fellow Parents, state agencies, and community program leaders who comprise the LADDC. Additionally, I participate in the monthly White House Disability Group Call with Kareem Dale, Associate Director, White House Office of Public Engagement & Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy.
Again, I am proud to join the Office of Special Education (OSEP-USDOE) in collaborating with various federal, regional and state leaders and agency heads and other stakeholders. OSEP Leadership Mega Conference strategically addresses the national education and parent interests and community inclusion with Integration and Universal Design broad-scale implications. Whether attending on-sight or via webcast, Participants gain a better understanding of OSEP's vision. Also, we network and are given opportunities for Q & A about current implementation trends,as well as, methods to improve a 'world-class' Inclusive education for America's Students receiving Special Education Services and integrated Disability Policies and Programs for People With Disabilities.
Now, I am ready for this year's conference to participate again as a Parent via wbcast sessions, classes. I went to the TA&D site, to OSEP LMC site and viewed the Agenda and Instructions for joining webcast sessions. Then, I realized we are using Adobe Connect this year!     OSEP LMC has truly streamlined the webcast Registration process with Adobe Connect! It seems there is no longer a need for Confirmation emails to link to the webcasts or teleconferences.  I am definitely sharing these webcasts links and related info.  with other Parents, Advocates, Community Leaders and Educators who support an inclusive  Education and integrated Disability Policies.
I have blocked out my week (Aug. 1-3) to enjoy another informative, relevant, diverse, well-organized and accessible Office of Special Education Programs- Leadership Mega Conference!   Although I am an off-site Attendee, I still enjoy participating via webcast and Call-In features.  It's great to meet up with Parents, fellow Advocates and agency leaders in the Chat windows!
As I was last year, I am excited to view the presentation by Alexa Posny, Assistant Secretary, OSERS, ED, DC. 
Likewise, I am interested in hearing from Melody Musgrove, Director, OSEP, ED , DC;  Larry Wexler, Division Director, OSEP, ED , DC; Denise Forte, Deputy Assistant Secretary, OPEPD, ED, DC.
You have to join me for the White House Domestic Policy Presentations, as well as, the Congressional Representatives reports. 
On Tuesday, go to the conference link to find out why I will be wearing my state emblem shirt and having lunch at an authentic creole cajun cuisine-style restaurant!  Will you join me for a crawfish pie, jambalaya, shrimp etoufee and a creole-cream praline cheesecake!  But, we gotta only about an hour to enjoy our delightful delectables because we must make it back to our computers and phone lines for the afternoon sessions!
I am pariticularly interested in several webcasts and will highlight them on this blog and our other social and business networks.
Check back on Friday to see which webcasts and Powerpoints we are interested in for the Office of Special Education Programs 2011 Leadership Mega Conference.
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