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Aspergers Children & Teens Who Purposely Injure Themselves

The Aspergers Handbook   “I am wondering if there are a larger number of young people with Aspergers who self mutilate out of depression, anxiety and other pressing emotions more so than typical people.

Self-injury (also called self-harming and self-mutilation) is often a coping mechanism, particularly with the feeling of being rejected. This is a particular problem for anyone who has difficulty in understanding non-verbal communication.

Self-harming behaviors are actions that the young person performs that result in physical injury to his own body. Typical forms of this behavior may include:
  • biting oneself
  • burning oneself
  • cutting oneself with a knife or razor blade
  • head-banging
  • hitting oneself with hands or other body parts
  • picking at skin or sores
  • scratching or rubbing oneself repeatedly
  • carving
  • branding
  • marking
  • abrasions
  • bruising
  • pulling hair
  • punching walls

The cause of self-harming behaviors in Aspies remains a mystery. It is thought that these behaviors may be caused by:
  • a chemical imbalance
  • attention-seeking
  • ear infection
  • frustration
  • headaches
  • seeking sensory stimulation/input
  • seizures
  • sinus problems
  • sound sensitivity
  • to escape or avoid a task
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My Aspergers Child: Aspergers Children & Teens Who Purposely Injure Themselves


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