Saturday, August 25, 2012

Opposition to cutting education funding that benefits Students on the Autism Spectrum

Recession, Budget Cuts, Schools Closing, Educators layoffs and firings, uncertified and inexperienced Teachers and Paraprofessionals, archaic teaching tools and resources, limited or underfunded training are a few of the tantamount concerns regarding the appropriate educating of Students with Autism.
We've included some videos about concerns of any Parent who is in school.  Why?  Often, families with kids who have special needs and/or disabilities have similar needs + specific concerns.

Let's start with a current release:

The video and transcript of this compelling report on the necessity of appropriate education schools, supports, services and  resources for Students on the Autism Spectrum.  William's parents concerns express the questions and issues that many families are facing when it comes to their child's schooling.

ABC News  Updated Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:05am AEST
A leading expert on autism is warning of the long-term costs if funds to assist the education of children with autism spectrum disorder continue to be cut.
Source: Lateline

Autism expert warns against cutting education funding - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Teachers care about the affects of the lack of sufficient education funding, too.
'Rethink Autism' organization has deliberately encouraged Parents to prepare for times when Students on the Autism Spectrum will face limitations in funding, resources, treatments and care.
When after-school programs are underfunded, some of our Autistic kids who are 'mainstreamed' and can tolerate 'full inclusion' are affected, too.

Will we go back to the days when Hawaii considered 'no school Fridays'?  How devastating this will be for Parents who's child depends on school-based therapies and individualized education programs.

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