Sunday, August 19, 2012

What is your biggest worry as you send your child with autism back to school?

Mainstreaming or reduced numbers?
Will they view me as a 'helicopter mom' or an 'involved Parent who participates'?
Full Inclusion or modified inclusion?
Which subjects should he take in General Education?
Will our picky-eater eat at school?
Will our son's new teacher understand his Sensory Processing needs?
Will he be able to handle being bullied?
Will he ever want to ride the bus again?
Will our picky-eater come home raving hungry when non-preferred food items are on the menu?
Will his 'typical' peers accept him?
Will his need for 'stimming' make him seem 'weird'?
Will they respect he come home with a rash from exposure to citrus, milk, sand?
Will they let him hydrate according to the doctor's note?
SHOULD WE HAVE KEPT THE BIP? (Behavior Intervention Plan)
Will he 'babble' or will all those years of Speech/Language Therapy prove effective?


Well, we hope that our son will be viewed as a Student, a Classmate, a Schoolmate with 'uniquely different' approach to schooling.

Here are some tips for easing the Back-to-School process for Students learning on the Autism Spectrum: (posted in Cafe Mom)

Back to school time is always a tough one for parents. But back to school time comes with a whole different set of issues for parents of a child with autism. And when your autistic child is starting a new school -- say making the transition to middle school -- you have a whole new world to navigate.
Fear not brave parent!

5. Use that first week wisely. See if you, or a professional you trust, can observe your child's classroom environments in action once school starts. If your child has sensory needs, and if classrooms, hallways, playgrounds, or lunch areas are too overwhelming for them, you'll want to know so you can ask for accommodation. Otherwise they might be spending all day coping instead of learning. -- Shannon

7 Tips to Make Back-to-School Easier on Kids With Autism | The Stir


"All Children Can Learn."

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