Sunday, August 26, 2012

"How do you know WHEN 'It's Back-to-School Time'?"

Like most kids, our 7 year old can't wait for SUMMERTIME!  He enjoys weekday recreation time, endless playing in the backyard and daily fun at community playgrounds, meeting new friends in his extended school year program, camps, staying up late, etc.... 
As Parents, we know it's back to school time WHEN:
  • big box stores put out the school supplies displays (1 month in advance)
  • clothing retail stores advertise school attire with summer clothes in their commercials (1 month in advance)
  • our son is 'tired' of summer camp (last 2-3 days)
  • our son is asking for new SCHOOL apps on the iPad, iPod Touch! (2 weeks in advance)
  • you've seen all of the summer movies at the local theater
  • you're bored with the selections in Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Media Hub, etc...
  • our son resets his summer 'wake-up' and 'go-to-bed' schedule to the SCHOOL TIME!
If you think about it, there are many signs of the school time.  Students, Parents, Teachers and the Community share in the 'Back-to-School' annual mode.

"How do you know WHEN 'It's Back-to-School Time'?"
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A special kind of class: You Know It's Back to School When....

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