Saturday, August 25, 2012

Who Knew...?

   Who Knew, over the years, ABC News has compiled a plethora of videos about Autism?  View archived and recent relevant information from varying perspectives about various aspects of  Autism: kids, Parents, adults, health, education, legislation, relationships(dating/marriage), costs, families,  friends, research, therapies, treatments, statistics, debates, myths and other perspectives of life on the Autism Spectrum.

Here are a few videos:

  • Caring for Autistic Teens

  • Nation's First Adult Autism Clinic

  • Film Portrays Parents' Autism Dilemma

  • The High Cost of Autism

  • and more

  • Home Autism Detector Worries Some Doctors

  • Autistic Boy Devastated After City Bans Pet Pig

  • Autistic Marine Court Martialed, Bad Conduct Discharge

  • Autism Voices and Views

  • Research Suggests Genetic Link in Autism

  • Financial Challenges Among Autism's Costs

  • Oxygen Chamber a Treatment for Autism?

  • Love Conquers All for One Autistic Couple

  • Life 101: Learning to Live With Autism

  • and more

    NIGHTLINE: Special Autism Reports By John Donvan stories...
  • Girls and Autism

  • Story of Survival

  • The Face of Autism

  • Siblings Cope with Autism

  • Adults With Autism

  • Autism: Finding the Words

  • and more videos

    GOOD MORNING AMERICA: Autism Special Report stories...
  • Autism Up Close

  • Autism Advancements

  • OnCall+ Autism

    Did you know that ABC's OnCall+ included Resource Centers for  Autism?  Although this section contains articles, they are so vital to the historical significance of the Autism Spectrum awareness and acceptance campaign.  It lists 'Top Medical Centers for Autism', and

    Autism Voices and ViewsAutism from seven unique viewpoints, told in their own voices.

    Autism Resources By StateAn interactive map that helps you find autism resources in your area. Interactive Resources, too.
    Questions for the Experts?Do you have a question about autism for the experts? (A few videos of provided at the bottom of the page.)

    ABC News OnCall+ Autism stories...
  • Index: Autism Basics

  • Index: Autism Risk Factors and Prevention

  • Index: Autism Symptoms and Diagnosis

  • Index: Autism Treatment and Early Intervention

  • Index: Living With Autism

  •  Autism Basics is our favorite section.  It's all about understanding the SPECTRUM of Autism.

    Section 1: Autism Basics

  • Brain Test to Diagnose Autism?

  • Test Shows Promise in Autism Diagnosis

  • Autism Detection in Infants?


    1. ABC News OnCall+ Autism Center Home Page - ABC News

      ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Tim Johnson welcomes you to the OnCall+ Autism Center with easy-to-use advice from dozens of expert doctors on autism spectrum disorders.
    2. Autism Rates Rise to 1 in 88, CDC Says - ABC News

      One in 88 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, by age 8, according to a study released today by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and ...
    3. Recent Autism Videos from ABC News - - Breaking ...

      Read the latest news and watch the latest videos on autism, autistic disorders and research on the autism spectrum. Articles and videos are organized by medium in ...
    4. Autism Transplant Denial Sparks Debate - Autistic Man Denied ...

      It was hard enough for Karen Corby to hear that her autistic son would need a heart transplant to survive, but it was even harder to take the news that ...
    5. ABC News Nightline Autism: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) ABC News Nightline Autism: Applied Behavior ...

      Jake and Andrew are quite similar in many ways -- both adored by their parents -- and both diagnosed with autism while they were in pre-school. Both Jake and Andrew ...
    6. Autism expert warns against cutting education funding - ABC ...

      A leading expert on autism is warning of the long-term costs if funds to assist the education of children with autism spectrum disorder continue to be cut. TONY JONES ...
    7. Autism Breakthrough: Girl's Writings Explain Her Behavior and ...

      Carly Fleischmann has severe autism and is unable to speak a word. But thanks to years of expensive and intensive therapy, this 13-year-old has made a ...
    8. ABC News flunks ABC's of Autism in Reporting - AGE OF AUTISM

      By Anne Dachel I was amazed at an investigative series that ABC News just aired. It was all about how the U.S. government allows psych drugs to be used on children in ...
    9. Page 2: Autism Genes Unlock Disorder's Mystery - ABC News

      New findings by Harvard researchers may bring families one step closer to discovering a cure for autism, a disorder shrouded in mystery. Research published in the ...
    10. Tune In – ABC World News Tonight « Autism Speaks Official Blog

      In a story scheduled to air tonight, ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer will feature Autism Speaks Executive Vice President of Programs and Services Peter Bell ...

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